What if your business app was done in a few weeks instead of months?

Empower your teams to be more efficient, with professionally developed apps, fully customized to your business in low-code, no-code.

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Microsoft Power Platform Consultancy

Understand, how to leverage Microsoft Power Platform to accelerate business and increase productivity.


Professional Power Platform Development

Get your business apps delivered end-to-end with enterprise-grad Application Lifecycle Management, performance and security.


Citizen Development Enablement

Are your teams ready to embrace Citizen Development? Get ready to leverage internal development capacities from non-development people, while keeping control.


How does ACTUM Digital enable your business with Microsoft Power Platform

We build apps specific to your need, using rapid-development on Microsoft Power Platform

Business Applications are specific to each business. To support competitive advantage, they need to be as specific as the companies, where they are deployed. At ACTUM Digital, we use Microsoft Power Platform to build fully customized business apps that fully reflect business specifics, but rely on a market-standard scalable platform - Microsoft Power Platform.


Still puzzled about Power Platform fundamentals? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered.

How is professional development different from any other custom development?

Speed. Power Platform is a collection of tools that allow for rapid development of business apps via Low-Code, No-Code. The platform contains ready-made functionalities, such as integrations, user-interface elements, data management, security, rendering etc. that allow for apps to be developed even 10x faster, compared to traditional development. Customizations are possible by adding custom-built components and integrations with cloud-based and on-prem based systems.

Is Microsoft Power Platform the same as Dynamics 365?

No. Microsoft builds part of their ecosystem of Dynamics 365 applications on the same foundation as Power Platform, but they are not the same thing. Power Platform offers the building bricks that can be used to build custom applications. Dynamics 365 applications are ready-made apps from Microsoft to be configured and immediately used. 

Do I have to buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 to have Power Platform licesend?

No. Power Platform can be licensed separately, although it might be also bundled as parts of Dynamics 365 Licensing.

Is there any difference between Power Platform licenses I have bundled with Office 365 and the ones that I buy separately?

Yes. In fact, the Power Platform licenses that are part of Office 365 do not have - among other - two key elements: the Dataverse repository and Premium Connectors. Both are basic building blocks for advanced application workloads and important enablers for professional development of business apps on Power Platform. Embedded licenses in Office 365 are however a great way to start exploring the capabilities of Power Apps and Power Automate in the context of Microsoft Office - especially in combination with SharePoint Online and OneDrive, as data repositories.

Is it possible to build Mobile Apps using Power Apps?

Yes - for your internal usage in the company, as all users of the app must be licensed. Building mobile apps for businesses on Power Platform is by far the fastest way to get applications out to business workers.

No - for your customers, who do not have an account in your Active Directory.



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